Full-featured Nitrox capable Dive Computer perfect as a low-profile primary instrument or a back-up. The MANTA is a powerful and versatile new sports watch, ideal for divers, free divers and those that just want to look like one.



Full-featured Nitrox capable Dive Computer, Perfect primary instrument or a back-up.

The MANTA is a powerful and versatile new sports watch, ideal for divers, free divers and those that just want to look like one. A unique combination of quality, function and style, the MANTA is perfect on its own or as a backup to any of our other Dive Computer models.

  • Operating Modes: Air, nitrox, Gauge, Watch and Free Dive
  • Audible and Visual Alarms with User Acknowledgment
  • Adjustable Safety Stop Time and Depth
  • Backlighting
  • Optional ACI PC Download and Settings Upload Software and USB Cable
  • Diver-Replaceable 3 Volt CR2430 Lithium Battery
  • 24 SCUBA Dive and 99 Free Dive Log Function
  • Altitude Adjustable to 14,000' (4,270 meters)
  • Operating Depth: 330' (100 meters)
  • 12/24 Hour Clock
  • Time to Fly
  • Temperature (on the surface and at depth)
  • Time to De-Saturation
  • Free Digital Online Class
  • Comprehensive Owner's Manual

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Customer Reviews

Great, Computer
Review by JW (Posted on 4/11/15)
this is a great computer I have over 200 Dives on it.
I both freedive and scuba dive with this watch and have been very satisfied with it. Over 50 scuba dives with the watch and no issues. Great tool for the price, and would recommend to others. Getting through the instructions can be tricky.
A bit of a rough time getting through the instructions, the on-line training was pretty good. The actual value of this computer came during dives as it is easy to read and if needed has a back light. Outstanding for the price, I don't dive without it!
Manta works very well, although the Software is really ugly and old-fashioned.
After reading some of the negative reviews on the Manta, I had some trepidation about purchasing this unit. I decided to give it a try and have been extremely happy with this product. As an active divemaster I have put the watch to the full test and it delivers everything I need for diving. Once you figure out the directions it becomes an easy computer to operate.
Works great

Advanced Free Dive Mode

The Manta provides accurate depth and time with an amazing 1-second sampling rate for subsequent PC download and analysis. Dive Time is displayed in seconds and minutes. Custom audible alarms include Elapsed Dive Time, Countdown Timer and (3) Independent Max Depth Alarms. The Manta is the first Free Diving Computer to calculate and track Nitrogen Tissue Loading, allowing you to switch between SCUBA dives and Free Dives on the same dive day.

Advanced Wristwatch Functions

The Manta is an advanced digital wristwatch featuring a 1/100 second chronograph (stopwatch) with lap timer, 24 hour countdown timer, daily alarm, alternate time zone with date, 12/24 hour clock, and OceanGlo® Backlight.

Dive Time Remaining

Dive Time Remaining provides a 'real' number in minutes, considering Nitrogen and Oxygen absorption, and automatically displays whichever allows less time.

Oversized Digits

Take the AERIS challenge: When shopping for a new dive computer, compare the displays. When it comes to viewing critical information, which would you rather see at 100 feet?

Audible Alarms with Flashing LED Warning Light

The Manta features a variety of system and user-customized audible alarms, alerting you to situations that pose a potential danger, or simply serve as a convenient reminder.

Audible Alarm Acknowledgement™

Have you ever had difficulty hearing your computer's audible alarm? Perhaps that little beep signifying a potentially dangerous situation was timed perfectly with your exhaust bubbles rushing past your ears. Or maybe it seemed insignificant as that huge manta ray soared overhead. You won't miss the Manta's audible alarm. Once triggered, the alarm will sound continuously for 10 seconds. We know what you're thinking. "That's nice, I'll definitely hear the alarm, but isn't that going to annoy me and everyone else in the water?" We thought of that too. The alarm's job is to get your attention so that you look at the computer. Once it does that, simply press the button and it will stop. You're a responsible diver and the Manta treats you that way.

Air or Nitrox

The Manta acts simply as an 'Air' computer until you tell it otherwise, whether that is this weekend or 2 years down the road.

AERIS Personal Dive Computer Algorithm

Decompression theory can be trusted only as far as it has been demonstrated by actual test dive data. In 1987 a unique series of experiments were conducted by Diving Science and Technology (DSAT). Commissioned by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), these Doppler ultrasound monitored human experiments conducted by Dr. Michael Powell produced the most comprehensive data set that exists for recreational divers to this day. These data were used to validate the PADI Recreational Dive Planner and are the basis of the algorithm used in all AERIS Personal Dive Computers (PDCs).

Personal Conservative Factor Adjustment

When the Conservative Factor is set On, the no-decompression limit times are reduced to values equivalent to those that would be available at the next higher 3000 foot (915 meter) altitude.

"The Ultimate Adjustable Algorithm"

That's the way divers, instructors and Authorized Dealers refer to AERIS PDCs. Our tissue loading bar graphs provide complete control of your margin of safety for each dive. Want to be a bit more cautious? Make it a personal rule to never enter into the caution zone; or stay one or more pixel away. Now you can even program several of our PDCs to do it for you with our patent pending Nitrogen Bar Graph Alarm; set it once and let the Manta alert you when your bar graph reaches that level.

No Deco Safety Stop Prompt with Adjustable Depth and Time

An audible and visual alarm remind you as you approach your programmed no decompression safety stop depth and an automatic timer counts down to zero. As in any other dive mode, you still have access to other pieces of information, and there is no penalty should you choose to disregard the safety stop.

FastSet User Interface

Speed through menu items and set modes easily and quickly with AERIS' FastSet Menu and intuitive button operation.

Date and Time Stamp

The Manta features time of day on the surface as well as underwater for quick reference. Time and date stamp also helps you to easily identify specific dives in Log Mode or PC download memory.

Alphanumeric Display

An alphanumeric "Message Box" is incorporated in the upper portion of the Manta display to provide text and numeric readouts in simple, unambiguous terms. Imagine beginning an ascent and as the ascent speed increases hearing a warning beep from the Manta as the message box alerts with the words "TOO FAST" while the red LED warning light flashes.

Automatic Altitude Compensation

The Manta automatically compensates for altitude dives up to 14,000 feet, giving adjusted no-decompression times and depths. The Manta even automatically recalibrates the depth displays for freshwater instead of seawater above 2,000 feet.

Diver-Replaceable Battery

The Manta features a diver replaceable battery. This can be a real trip-saver on board a live-aboard boat!

Battery Hot Swap

Should you be in a tight spot between dives, the "hot-swap" feature allows you to change batteries between dives while maintaining all calculations. 

Modes of Operation Air, Nitrox, Gauge, and Free Dive 
Push Buttons  4
Mounting Options  Wristwatch
Activation Water or Push Button
Algorithm Basis Modified Haldanean / DSAT (Diving Science and Technology) Database
Personal Conservative Factor Adjustment  Each Level provides No Decompression Limits for the next dive +3000 ft altitude
Altitude Algorithm Basis  NOAA
O2 Limit Basis 
Tissue Compartments  12 (5 to 480 minutes)
Automatic Altitude Adjustment  2,000 - 14,000 ft 
Decompression Capability  10 - 60 ft (3-18 m)
Automatic Safety Stop Prompt YES
Cylinder Pressure and Air Time Remaining  N/A
Audible Alarm  YES
Alarm Acknowledgment (U/W Deactivation) YES
Ascent Rate Range  11-30 fpm / 21-60 fpm 
Ascent Rate Maximum  30 fpm (<60 ft)
60 fpm (>60 ft)

Backlight  YES
Diver Replaceable Batteries  YES
Battery Type  CR2430
Set Personal Conservative Factor YES
Set Dive Time Remaining Alarm YES
Set Units Of Measurement YES
Set Time Format (12/24 Hour)  YES
Set Time of Day YES
Set Date YES
Set Maximum PO2 Alarm YES
Set FO2 50% Default YES
Set Backlight Duration YES
Set Safety Stop Time and Depth YES
Set Sampling Rate (OceanLog Download) 1 (Free Dive Mode Only)/ 2/15/30/60 SECONDS
Set Digital Gauge Mode On/Off  YES
30 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee that at any time during the first 30 days of purchase, your Aeris product fails to meet your expectations, that product may be exchanged by a participating Authorized Aeris Dealer. No questions asked.