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  • A300 CS OLED

    A300 CS OLED

    A hoseless, air-integrated computer with patented air time remaining...

  • Jetpack


    Under 20lbs. fully packed with a week’s worth of travel friendly gear and no...
  • F11


    The AERIS F11 was designed by freedivers specifically for freedivers.
  • A300 ai

    A300 ai

    A powerful air-integrated dive computer with an impressive list of features...
  • 01_Atmos_HD_web


    The weight-integrated, hybrid air-cell ATMOS has been given a complete make...
  • Atmos ai

    Atmos ai

    The Atmos ai is a very small, compact console; yet, the information is...
  • A300 XT

    A300 XT

    A unique hybrid mix of digital and analog components, beautifully packaged...
  • ION


    Barely larger than the valve itself, this pneumatically balanced, highly...
  • Computer Transmitters

    Computer Transmitters

    Computer Transmitters
  • F-10 v.2

    F-10 v.2

    Dedicated freediving computer watch with custom audible alarms, auto...


    The Manta is a powerful and versatile new sports watch, ideal for divers,...
  • EX100 BC

    EX100 BC

    A lightweight BC with some nice extras - at a price that can't be beat.
  • Air Link

    Air Link

    Compact, integrated design eliminates the bulk of a traditional octopus and...
  • A2 Octo

    A2 Octo

    Rugged yet lightweight; the A2 Octo was built to withstand the rigors of the...
  • Cyanea


    Technology and innovation are behind this minimalist frame and oversized...

  • Accel Fin

    Accel Fin

    Power over frills. Compact and responsive, its clean lines and efficient...
  • SPG Module

    SPG Module

    A rugged instrument capable of providing accurate readings up to 5000 psi.


    A rugged instrument capable of providing accurate pressure readings up to...
  • X1 Compass

    X1 Compass

    With the AERIS side reading compass, the diver is able to hold the compass...
  • Europa Sport Mask

    Europa Sport Mask

    Low volume and light weight frame available in 7 different colors.

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