A300 XT

The A300 XT is a highly intuitive and compact console allowing the diver to monitor all three instruments (pressure, dive computer, compass) at a glance. Featuring technology developed for the firefighting industry, the A300 XT dive computer sounds audible and visual alarms when tank pressure is low and automatically turns on backlighting for the pressure gague whenever the computer's backlight is activated.


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A Radically Unique Hybrid Dive Computer System.

Analog and digital integration
When using backlighting the pressure gauge illuminates along with your computer. Low air on the analog gauge triggers the dive computer’s audible & flashing alarms for increased safety.

Norm and Tech modes
Out-of-the-box NORM mode provides all the necessary settings and information for divers who just want to get in the water. When switched into TECH mode, advanced features and fine-tuning become available that will satisfy any experienced diver.

Dynamic Tissue Loading Bar Graph
Expanded Green, Yellow and Red Bar Graphs provide critical data ’’at-a-glance’’—20 segments represent tissue loading in 5% increments. At-a-glance feedback that lets you control your dive on the fly and regulate your Dynamic Conservative Factor.

Intuitive user-interface
Simple forward and backward navigation through settings and advanced options

Powered by Dual Algorithm allowing you to choose the decompression algorithm that best suits your diving needs without compromising safety. Pelagic DSAT Based on DSAT (POWELL / SPENCER) data consisting primarily of No Deco, multilevel, repetitive dives at sea level. Pelagic Z+ Based on BUHLMANN ZHL-16C data consisting primarily of repetitive Deco dives at altitude. Dual Algorithm provides the ability to choose a liberal (DSAT) or conservative (Z+) algorithm for repetitive recreational diving.


  • Advanced features for today's technically-savvy diver, yet comes out-of-the-box-simple for new or less frequent divers

  • Powered by Dual Algorithm® allowing you to choose the decompression algorithm that best suits your diving needs without compromising safety

  • Up to 3 Nitrox mixes—each with individual PO2 set points

  • Deep Stop with Countdown Timer

  • Intuitive user-interface with "Step Back" allows for easy settings preview and for settings to be changed while viewing the menus

  • User Replaceable Battery with Data Retention

  • Audible and flashing LED warnings—Low pressure warning

  • Firmware Update Ready—install program improvements,
    even new features from your desktop

  • A300 XT Operating Manual - AI_OM_r01.pdf

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Customer Reviews

I have used this computer on numerous adventures now and it has been an awesome computer. Like any computer it takes a little getting used to and understanding the different screens and modes, but for the price you can't get any better. The integrated compass is very handy and allows you to view your depth and course direction without becoming disoriented and swimming shallower or deeper. The different alarm setting and multi dive use for tech diving are great too and saves a lot of headache. Overall its a great computer. I haven't used the download capability to my computer. I would love to do it but a $100 for the cable just isn't worth it and in my opinion is a rip off at that price. The manufacturing costs for he cable are a small fraction of what the cable cost. They would sell a ton more of the cables and make a great profit if they sold them for twenty-thirty dollars. At that price its worth it but more than that its getting steep for a USB cable. But I would still give this computer 5 stars. But to get full use of the computers ability you do need the usb cable.

***AERIS Response***
Thank you for the positive review of the A300 XT. Regarding the cable: while this doesn't make the $100 any easier to spend... the cable is not an off the shelf USB cable; it contains custom electronics allowing it to securely communicate with the dive computer and is very expensive to produce.

A300AI Console
Computer Type
Hybrid Analog / Digital Console
Modes of Operation
Nitrox Mixes
3 (21-100%)
Conservative Factor
Auto Altitude Adjustment
Ascent Rate Monitor
Safety Stop
Adjustable with Timer
Deep Stop
On-Unit Log Capacity
PC Interface
Firmware Update
50 Hours
Audible Alarm
Diver Replaceable Batteries
30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
Free Online Class
Made in USA

*Battery Life: Battery life estimates are based on full-capacity batteries, and continuous usage as described.

- 7 days per week

- 2 dives per day

- 1 hour dive time

- 2 hour surface interval

- 18 hour interval from last dive to the first of the next day

** AERIS Dive Computers have user selectable Sampling Rates that determine when data is sampled and stored for subsequent download to associated PC interface programs. More frequent sampling provides more data per dive yet results in storage of fewer dives for download. Use with Air or Nitrox, with or without air integration, dive profiles, Free Diving activities, and other variables may also affect the number of dives that can be stored.

Sampling Rate
Estimated Capacity
60 Seconds
100-110 Hours
30 Seconds
50-55 Hours
15 Seconds
25-30 Hours
2 Seconds
4-5 Hours
1 Seconds (Free Dive)
1.5-2 Hours 

30 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee that at any time during the first 30 days of purchase, your Aeris product fails to meet your expectations, that product may be exchanged by a participating Authorized Aeris Dealer. No questions asked.